Hormonal and environmental changes we experience throughout life have an impact on our skin. Femma is here to help with the frustrations and discomfort of persistent skin conditions.


Skin is often cited as a window into our general health and it is true that many conditions will manifest themselves visibly in our skin. Polycystic ovarian syndrome for example is linked to acne and menopause can lead to many skin changes including dryness, vaginitis and breakouts. Other conditions such as rosacea are also more common in women . We often search for answers, try many solutions and hope for a quick response. Many factors can impact upon our skin leading to conditions which can be uncomfortable, visible and affect confidence.

A multidisciplinary approach including clinical assessments and treatments coupled with lifestyle review is a strong foundation for change.

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Skin Management

Skin problems often need a multi-facted approach. Lifestyle changes can lead to long term change for skin problems and collaboration between our experts can help to identify the best changes for you.

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Skin Treatment

We will clinically curate a step by step management plan for your skin. We can deliver medication and our ongoing support will be a key element of your care journey

  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Skin wellbeing
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