Who is the Femma platform for?

Femma is a service for women in Australia over the age of 18. It is a clinically led,  evidence-based, healthcare platform, with a multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosis, treatment and education of women’s health issues. You do not need a medicare card to access the service. As a digital service, it is not suitable for all health concerns, as some complex conditions need face to face GP consultations. Please see What We Treat to see if the service is suitable for your needs.

How does it work?

Complete Consultation

Start a consultation directly from our website to create your profile, answer health questions including past and general medical history. Our consultation process is designed to be an easy way to get started with Femma and is consistent with clinical guidelines.

Subscribe to Femma

Subscribe to Femma to complete your consultation. Access to the Femma community, educational and lifestyle content and quarterly consults with your GP as well as unlimited messaging with the Femma care team are included. Quarterly payment options available.

Doctor Review

A  GP specialist with additional qualifications in women’s health will review your consultation and then recommend treatment options. If the doctor has further questions, they will commence text-based private messaging with you before issuing a treatment plan.

Start Treatment Plan

Based on your consultation, your plan will be tailored to your current symptoms and past medical history. The treatment plan may include a prescription, over the counter products, specialist referrals, and lifestyle information and services. Upon receiving your treatment plan, simply purchase any of the treatment options and have them delivered straight to your door from our pharmacy partner. Lifestyle options are included in your subscription.

Explore the Community

By subscribing to Femma, you become a member of our women’s health community and benefit from the support and understanding of women just like you! Access our Ask an Expert forum, community programs and on-demand lifestyle content from yoga and physiotherapy to nutrition and mindfulness.

Ongoing Support

Receive ongoing messaging and support from the Femma care team to help manage your symptoms and stay on-track with your care plan, medication and treatment outcomes.

Can I get a medicare rebate for Femma consultations?

No, Unfortunately Medicare does not currently subsidise text-based online consultations due to telehealth regulations.

Can I use my private health insurance?

You may be able to claim some or all of your medication cost through your private health insurance (this will depend on your individual policy) . If you need a receipt to file a claim, please sign into your account and download a receipt or contact careteam@femma.com.au for further information.

Can I speak with a doctor in the community about more issues?

General questions can be submitted to our “ask the expert?” forum and relevant health professionals can reply with generalised advice. Doctors however, will not respond to specific requests as this confidential information should not be in a public forum.  Individual concerns that relate to your personal health should always be raised during one of your Associate Doctor consultations.  This means they can be recorded properly in your medical notes and you get the best advice and then care you need.

Do I need a referral from my doctor to use Femma?

 No, you can utilise Femma without a referral.

How do I book a video consultation?

To book a video consultation you need to be a subscribed Femma member and have completed the text based consultation first. 

If, after this process, you would like to have a video consultation please email careteam@femma.com.au to make an appointment. The GP Specialist will commit to the allocated time and as a result you will receive an invoice for your consultation prior to your appointment. (We cannot guarantee that the same doctor who reviewed your text consultation will be able to fulfil the video consultation but the doctor you see  will have access to your text consultation notes)

Once this is paid, the appointment will be confirmed and you will receive a message to your registered  email address with your consultation link and details about your  GP specialist.

We do understand that at times, you may need to reschedule your appointment. If  you  give us at least 24 hours notice we will reschedule the appointment without any financial penalties.

  • If you fail to attend or cancel your appointment within 2 hours prior of your appointment time you will be  charged 100% of the fee in order to pay for the GP’s allocated time
  • If you cancel your appointment between 24hrs and 2hrs prior to your appointment you will be  charged 50% of the fee in order to pay for the GP’s allocated time.

Please email careteam@femma.com.au with the email subject marked video appointment cancellation

In order to maximise your time with an Associate Doctor we ask all Femma members to have completed the relevant  consultation module for their main reason . This allows your medical history to be recorded prior to the video and for you to focus the consultation time on the issue that you wish to discuss.

How do I get my prescriptions?

In order to have a prescription treatment you will have to be a subscribed Femma member and have completed a consultation with an Associate Doctor. As in any consultation the Associate Doctor will provide you with a Treatment Plan and we cannot guarantee the outcome of that consultation or which treatments will be  recommended or prescribed. 

As part of the Femma member services you can choose for our Pharmacy Partner to fulfil any prescriptions that are in your Treatment Plan, with convenient delivery to your door.

If you are on medication prescribed by another provider you will need to have a consultation with a Femma Associate Doctor in order to see if that prescription is safe for you, before it is prescribed.

If you choose to use a pharmacy other than a Femma Associate Pharmacy to fulfil your prescription,  please forward your request to pharmacy@femma.com.au.

If you are prescribed a medication which isn’t available in the Femma Associate Pharmacies, your doctor will advise you of this and explain how you will receive your prescription.

Do you remind me if I am running out of medication?

Yes, we will remind you when your next appointment is available.

What happens if I need to see a doctor in person?

Femma associate doctors conduct text based and video consultations.  There are occasions when your symptoms require an in person appointment.  If this happens, your doctor will advise you of this and the reasons and will also put this in your plan.  You will then be able to discuss the recommendation with your own GP or service provider recommended by your Femma Associate GP.

In the case of urgent medical issues please call ‘000’.

Can you communicate directly with my GP?

If you agree, we can inform your GP of the outcome of your consultation by letter.  We can also upload information to your health record online, if you have agreed to this.

Can I get an onward referral to a specialist?

Yes, If necessary your Associate Doctor can make onward referrals to specialists, request pathology or diagnostic  imaging where necessary.

Can I request to consult with a particular Femma Associate Doctor?

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to consult with the same associate doctor. However we will attempt to facilitate this if the relevant doctor has availability. Please email careteam@femma.com.au to discuss.

Does Femma replace my general practitioner?

Femma is complementary to—not a replacement for—your general practitioner. So it’s important to keep your regular GP and any other doctors involved in your care. It is recommended to visit your doctor to review your symptoms and health history once you have finished your Femma Treatment plan.

We believe in an integrated approach. If you agree, we can also update your regular clinicians about their management plan. To fulfil privacy laws, we will need this agreement in writing.  Please email careteam@femma.com.au.

Can I cancel my video consultation and rearrange?

Yes, we do understand that at times, you may need to reschedule your appointment. If  you  give us at least 24 hours notice we will reschedule the appointment without any financial penalties. 

If you fail to attend or cancel your appointment within 2 hours of your appointment time you will be  charged 100% of the fee in order to pay for the GP’s allocated time.

If you cancel your appointment between 24hrs  and 2hrs you will be  charged 50% of the fee in order to pay for the GP’s allocated time.

Please email careteam@femma.com.au with email, subject marked video appointment cancellation/change as soon as possible so we can try and reschedule your appointment.

Is it legal to prescribe medications online?

Yes, prescribing medications and buying medicine online is legal and safe in Australia. Femma is an Australian company that connects you with associate doctors and registered pharmacists based in Australia. Every doctor you interact with is registered with AHPRA and insured to prescribe medications and treat patients in Australia and complies with all governing medical laws. We also have LEGIT SCRIPT verification.

What if I am having an emergency?

In the case of urgent medical issues please call ‘000’.

Who are the doctors on the platform?

Femma connects you with our associate doctors who are fully registered with AHPRA, insured and based in Australia. We are proud to say that Femma only works with GP specialists and GP specialists in training who have extra  training and qualifications in Women’s Health. Our Associate Doctors go through a thorough verification check before joining the platform.

Please see our Clinical Team for more information.

Is my information safe?

We take your privacy and the security of your information very seriously. Femma complies with all relevant privacy laws and has implemented strict security protocols to protect your information.

Please read our Privacy Policy  and Terms and Conditions for more details.

Can I have a consultation if I am not eligible for Medicare?

Yes, you are still able to complete a consultation with one of our Femma Doctors. If you have an Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) number, that can be used for identification confirmation. You can find your IHI through your mvGov account or on your Covid Vaccination Certificate.