If you’re here, you are not alone. Sometimes progress is just about diving in and giving something new a go. If there are things going on with your body that you don’t understand, you’ve come to the right place.

What you may be experiencing

When we first start having periods, they are generally irregular. We’re often advised to expect them to become more regular, usually over the first couple of years. This doesn’t happen for everyone and managing irregular periods can be really tough. Femma can help to understand what is happening and the best way to manage your symptoms.

Up to 86% of women experience hot flushes/flashes when transitioning through menopause. It doesn’t sound like much but they can be really debilitating. Often you don’t know when to expect them and can happen between 1 and 30 times a day. Luckily, there are lots of ways to manage hot flushes-it’s just knowing where to start.

Skin changes can happen at any time and are often linked to hormonal changes. We often try many different options to manage skin conditions and sometimes seek medical help as a last resort. Femma brings together lifestyle options and clinical solutions to offer support and help for skin concerns at whatever stage of life.

31.7% of women aged 25-44 did not have enough time to attend health check appointments.

What we treat

The definition of fatigue is extreme tiredness due to physical or emotional exertion or stress. Most people will feel this at some point, it is often a temporary problem and will improve over time. If it isn’t improving or you would like some suggestions to help manage your symptoms it is worth exploring the Femma approach to fatigue.

Mood and emotions are usually fluid, changing due to both external and internal factors. If your mood is causing you concern or affecting your quality of life it is worth exploring with us ways in which we can add to your support.

We know it’s hard to accept and while extra kilos may seem to add on for no reason, it’s actually a combination of many different factors, including hormonal changes, general slowing of metabolism with age, lifestyle changes and even genetics. While our bodies are meant to evolve, how we respond to it is in our control. If you’ve been struggling to keep the weight off, we’re here to help.